T-Minus One Year to Hurricane Who!

30 10 2008
Hurricane Who

Hurricane Who: A Doctor Who Sci-Fi Convention Making Landfall in Orlando, FL October 30 through November 1, 2009

Doctor Who fans converge on Orlando, Florida one year from today to attend Hurricane Who!

Guests announced to-date include Louise Jameson, Simon Guerrier, and Toby Hadoke.

Tickets end their pre-sale pricing tomorrow so visit the site and get yours today!


Timelines Season 1 Episode 4

30 10 2008

Does the doctor dance? Tuddle is slightly obsessed with this question. After he calms down, Jarrod and Tuddle discuss the Children in Need special and regeneration. Listener mail includes: Is Doctor Who on PBS in Florida? and Can we protest to the BBC get more Doctor Who in 2009?

Jarrod challenges DWNY to a “Just a Minute” duel at the Orlando convention.

The Hurricane Who party is sold out, so Jarrod and Tuddle to invite everyone to come drink at the pub after the event, even if this violates fire codes.

Tuddle has a plan to get John Barrowman to come to the Orlando convention…it’s not a well thought out plan though.

Listen Now:

> Timelines Season 1 Episode 4

Jarrod Gets Creds in New Torchwood Book

27 10 2008

He may not brag, but I will on his behalf…

Our Convention Chair, Jarrod Cooper, is thanked for his contributions in the new book “The Torchwood Archives” by Gary Russell.  Available November 20, 2008. Check it out on amazon.com or a store near you.

It must be awesome to see your name in print – congrats!


Janet your Hurricane Who Webmistress

A Gauntlet Is Thrown

25 10 2008

Greetings Everyone,

So yesterday, while on my way to visit with Janet at Cricketers Arms, I was listening to the Philips Phile on 104.1 WTKS. On this show, Tuddle calls in and gives a Daily NASCAR update. Towards the end of his segment, Jim Philips asked Tuddle if he was going to the Annual MonsterWeen Event dressed as Doctor Who. Tudds responded that he would not be going dressed as the good Doctor, as he was coming to the Hurricane Party in that guise. (So much for the surprise!!)

The following minutes were filled by various discussions on peoples favorite monsters were. Then Jim Philips told Tuddle that he had been “watching Doctor Who since before you were born!” Jim then proceeded to ask Tuddle: “How Long was the Rugby Scarf worn by the First Doctor who?”

If you are currently scratching your heads in confusion, don’t worry!! For what it is worth, “NewWho” fan Tuddle was as well.

"One Day, I Shall Come Back....."

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Cricketers Arms Preview

25 10 2008

Last night, I met Jarrod at Cricketers Arms Pub for a preview of our new party space and brought back some pictures to share with you.

First, to get some logistical issues out of the way – I’m happy to say that Cricketers is very easy to get to and since it is part of Festival Bay Mall there is plenty of FREE parking. If you are visiting, transportation is available from just about any area hotel by both the iRide Trolley and the Lynx Bus System for a minimal fee. Cricketers is located at the main entrance of the mall next to Fudruckers. It’s pretty hard to miss!

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Timelines Season 1 Episode 3

23 10 2008

Jarrod and Tuddle announce the location for the November Hurricane Party….and a possible Holiday Party. We have listener mail! Plus more news and spoilers.

Listen Now:

> Timelines Season 1 Episode 3

Show Links:

> Cricketers Arms Pub, Orlando, FL

> Wikipedia: Russell T Davies

Building a Tardis in Orlando

16 10 2008

From Timelines Season 1 Episode 2, here are the YouTube videos from UncleLew and his amazing Tardis!

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