Hurricane Party – Holiday Edition

28 11 2008
Hurricane Party - Holiday Edition

Hurricane Party - Holiday Edition

Registration is open for our Hurricane Party – Holiday Edition!

Get your FREE tickets now and join us on Saturday, December 27, 2008 for a Cyber Invasion!


Janet, your Hurricane Who Webmistress


Vogon Prose comes to Hurricane Who!!!

26 11 2008

Break out your Babelfish, because Vogon Prose is coming to Hurricane Who. Having been an area hit at Conventions, we are welcoming this exercise in Great Literature to our convention.

What IS Vogon Prose???

Vogon Prose is an evening of fan fiction readings of the worst kind. Attendees are invited to scour the Internet prior to the convention to locate the WORST examples of fan fiction available. After locating said fiction, print it out and bring it to the convention for a public reading.

The only rule is: You MUST read the story AS IT IS WRITTEN. What’s that?? You cannot recognize that collection of letters as a word?? Pronounce it anyway. A Sentence in your story has lasted for three paragraphs?? Take a breath, and keep on talking.

There will be an award for the Winning(?) story. Since we are a Doctor Who/ British Science Fiction Convention, stories should pertain to an appropriate series.

So there you have it… our Friday night plans. So get out there and find your muse…. or earplugs!!!

Tis the Season!!

26 11 2008

The holidays are upon us!!

Fresh on the tails of our very successful party to celebrate the 45th Anniversary of Doctor Who, the time has come for us to celebrate the holidays in the way that only a Time Lord can.


On Saturday, December 27th, we will be back at Cricketers Arms for another evening of fun, friends, food, and of course WHO!!

On the plate for that night will be viewings of the various Christmas Specials.

But Be WARNED!!!! I have it on good authority that there might be a Cyber Invasion that night!!!!!!

Tuddle and I will also be on hand holding try outs for our “Just a Minute” team. With a standing challenge to DWNY, we need to get a good start.

Full Details will be on the site this weekend, but I thought I would give you a teaser of the holiday festivities to come.

Til Then,


Sarah Jane is back for Three!!

26 11 2008

In a move that didnt come as a surprise to anyone, as the series was greenlit months back, the BBC has announced that The Sarah Jane Adventures will be back for a third series next fall. Russell T Davies continues to fill the role of Producer for this third series.

According to the Press Release:

Together with her companions Rani and Clyde and her adopted son Luke, Sarah Jane once again comes face to face with a whole host of weird and wonderful alien beings.”

I know that I might be the only person who is watching the Second Series of this show.. but I love it!!!!!

Who will it be??

26 11 2008

As we continue to wait to hear the announcement of the Actor to play the 11th Doctor, betting houses all over are continuing their wagers on certain Actors. Some of the main contenders, and their odds, are listed below.

7/17 Patterson Joseph
9/1 Robert Carlyle
19/2 David Morrisey
21/2 Rhys Ifans
11/1 Anthony Head
15/1 Chiwetel Ejiofor, James Nesbitt
24/1 Colin Salmon
29/1 Sean Pertwee, Russell Tovey
31/1 Richard Coyle, Richard E Grant
39/1 Jennifer Saunders, Catherine Tate, John Simm
49/1 Billie Piper
59/1 Alan Davies, Jack Davenport, Stephen Fry
64/1 James Mcavoy
99/1 Aidan Gillen, Paul McGann, Ben Wishaw, Bill Nighy, Harry Lloyd, Jason Statham, John Barrowman, Dexter Fletcher, Julian Walsh, Rowan Atkinson, Jim Broadbent, Tom Ellis, Nigel Harman, Daniel Radcliffe

Timelines Season 1 Episode 7

24 11 2008

Terrance Dicks interview!

Listen Now:

> Timelines Season 1 Episode 7

Rate the Hurricane Party 45th Anniversary Celebration with Terrance Dicks

23 11 2008

Thanks to everyone for making this event memorable!
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