Hurricane Who: Inside the Hub

3 02 2009

“The Twenty-First Century is when Everything Changes…” – Captain Jack Harkness


It is a show that has captivated an audience and has become a worldwide phenomenon. On a Thursday night in February, we will be convening at the Cricketers Arms Pub in Orlando to take a closer look at this shadow organization. From its founding by Queen Victoria in Doctor Who, to its sweeping of the US on BBC America, we will examine this highly successful spinoff.

Of course, we will not be doing this alone.

Joining us that evening will be a very special guest. Someone who has been with Torchwood from the very beginning. From the evening in the rain when Gwen Cooper spied on figures from a roof, to a trip to CERN for a ghostly encounter with a particle accelerator. From a heart-breaking encounter with a Cyberwoman in the basement, to a frightening encounter with a Dalek in the Hub. Our Guest has seen it all.

It is with great joy we welcome to Florida…

Gareth David-Lloyd

Torchwood's Ianto Jones

Torchwood's Ianto Jones

Gareth joins us fresh from his appearance at Gallifrey One, and we are delighted that he is taking the time to visit our corner of the world. With door prizes, episode viewings, and a special meet and greet, this is an evening that promises to be fun for all.

 Tickets are available at and are going fast!!!

Hope to see you at the Pub!!





One response

5 02 2009

I might have to skip classes for this… ooh, such a tough decision.

I really want to come though. I think I might just purchase a ticket, and then cancel if I end up figuring classes are more imporant. Such a once in a lifetime opportunity though.

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