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7 06 2009

Hi all,
We’re moving our blog from this space directly to our website at www.hurricanewho.com

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25 04 2009

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Timelines Season 1 Episode 8

22 01 2009

We’re Back!

Listen Now:

> Timelines Season 1 Episode 8

Timelines Season 1 Episode 7

24 11 2008

Terrance Dicks interview!

Listen Now:

> Timelines Season 1 Episode 7

Timelines Season 1 Episode 6

20 11 2008

The Hurricane Party is this week! Jarrod is ready to pick-up Terrance Dicks at the airport.

A discussion regarding the possibility of Doctor Who filming in the states next year. Continuing speculation on the new Doctor.

Listen Now:

> Timelines Season 1 Episode 6

Show Links:

> Children in Need – Doctor Who – on YouTube

Timeslip Special 1

13 11 2008

Timelines is on hiatus this week, so today we bring you the broadcast that started the podcast. The “Tuddle Talk” radio show interviews Rob Shearman and a “special guest in studio, Jarrod Cooper, who is a Doctor Who fan”…

Recorded August 2008

Listen Now:

> Timeslip Special 1

Show Links:

> Timeslip – Doctor Who Wiki
> Robert Shearman – Wikipedia
> “Dalek” by Robert Shearman – Wikipedia
> “Tiny Deaths” by Robert Shearman – Amazon.com
> Dan Harris and The 2009 Doctor Who Cruise

No Timelines for Week of Nov 12

9 11 2008

Due to unfortunate circumstances, there will not be an episode of the Timelines Podcast for the week of November 12th. For those of you missing your Doctor Who fix for the week, BBC America has begun airing Series Four on its regular Saturday night. You can also go to Big Finish Productions, to download a free UNIT Adventure.

Thank You and We Will See you next Week for the Hurricane Party!!!