Timelines Season 1 Episode 6

20 11 2008

The Hurricane Party is this week! Jarrod is ready to pick-up Terrance Dicks at the airport.

A discussion regarding the possibility of Doctor Who filming in the states next year. Continuing speculation on the new Doctor.

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> Children in Need – Doctor Who – on YouTube


Timelines Season 1 Episode 4

30 10 2008

Does the doctor dance? Tuddle is slightly obsessed with this question. After he calms down, Jarrod and Tuddle discuss the Children in Need special and regeneration. Listener mail includes: Is Doctor Who on PBS in Florida? and Can we protest to the BBC get more Doctor Who in 2009?

Jarrod challenges DWNY to a “Just a Minute” duel at the Orlando convention.

The Hurricane Who party is sold out, so Jarrod and Tuddle to invite everyone to come drink at the pub after the event, even if this violates fire codes.

Tuddle has a plan to get John Barrowman to come to the Orlando convention…it’s not a well thought out plan though.

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> Timelines Season 1 Episode 4

Timelines Season 1 Episode 3

23 10 2008

Jarrod and Tuddle announce the location for the November Hurricane Party….and a possible Holiday Party. We have listener mail! Plus more news and spoilers.

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> Timelines Season 1 Episode 3

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> Cricketers Arms Pub, Orlando, FL

> Wikipedia: Russell T Davies