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25 04 2009

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Guest Announcements for Hurricane Who

24 04 2009

There have been some recent additions to our Guest List that we are very much looking forward to. Now joining us this October in Orlando are:

Gareth David-Lloyd – “Ianto Jones” – Torchwood, Doctor Who

Having joined us for our very first Inside the Hub event, Gareth is a wealth of insight and fun. With Torchwood Series Three coming this summer, there are bound to be more stories to be told and more laughs to be had.

India Fisher – “Charley Pollard”, Big Finish Productions

Once in a while there comes a Companion that stands out from the rest. Before Rose ever encountered the Bad Wolf, or Donna Noble had something on her back, Charley Pollard was having amazing adventures in the TARDIS in the Big Finish Audio Range. Fisher has be a companion to both the Eighth Doctor (as played by Paul McGann) and the Sixth Doctor (as played by Colin Baker). As her journeys with the Sixth Doctor continue this Summer, we are sure she will have interesting stories to share.

Tony Lee – Writer, IDW Comics

With an extensive background, including X-Men and Superman, Tony Lee is no stranger to the world of Comic Books. With the publication of The Forgotten last year, as well this years on-going 10th Doctor Series, Lee is not a stranger to the world of Doctor Who. With a keen insight into the world of comics and writing, Tony will be an invaluable source of knowledge on this popular medium.

We are excited to be welcoming these three to Florida in the style that only we can do!!

New Guest Announcement

3 01 2009

As we sit less than a week into 2009, I would like to announce another Guest to our lineup for the Convention this October.

Rob Shearman

Rob Shearman

Rob Shearman is no stranger to the World of Doctor Who. He has written audio dramas for BBV and Big Finish Productions. These dramas include The Holy Terror, Jubilee, and The Chimes of Midnight. All three of these stories won Best Audio Drama in Doctor Who Magazine in the year they were released.

In 2007, Shearman published his first book. Tiny Deaths is a collection of short stories which was awarded the World Fantasy Award for Best Collection.

Shearman continues to contribute to the world of Doctor Who. His most recent contribution was to The Story of Martha , released in December 2008.
Rob has been a friend of Hurricane Who for many years, even appearing on Tuddle Talk during its first night. That appearance can be downloaded via the PodCast section of this site. We are delighted to welcome him to Florida for the first of what we hope will be many visits.

Jarrod & Co. on “Doctor Who: Podshock LIVE” 12/7/08 at 1:30pm EST

6 12 2008
Podshock LIVE

Doctor Who: Podshock LIVE

Listen LIVE as Jarrod joins the Doctor Who: Podshock team tomorrow to talk about the 2008 series.

Lewis and I will also be around…mostly as Hurricane Who groupies.  Yours truly is setting up and testing at my place today to make sure we have any technical issues ironed out.

Listen live tomorrow or download the podcast anytime afterwards.


When: Sunday, December 7, 2008 at 1:30pm EST



Janet, your Hurricane Who Webmistress

Challenge Accepted!!

2 12 2008

This past weekend I took a VERY last minute trip to Chicago to attend the Chicago TARDIS convention. As with all conventions I attend, it was an amazing time and a chance to spend time with friends both old and new. It was during one of these times that I met with new friend from New York.

During the course of this conversation, I mentioned our recent “Just a Minute” challenge to DWNY. Needless to say I was speaking to a representative of DWNY. And the Challenge has been accepted.

Time to Prepare.

I will discuss this more in the next issue of Timelines. I just need to quit playing in the snow and come back to Florida to record it.

Do Snow Angels Weep???

Do Snow Angels Weep???

There is also new guests to announce for Hurricane Who…. but that will have to wait.

Til Then,


Vogon Prose comes to Hurricane Who!!!

26 11 2008

Break out your Babelfish, because Vogon Prose is coming to Hurricane Who. Having been an area hit at Conventions, we are welcoming this exercise in Great Literature to our convention.

What IS Vogon Prose???

Vogon Prose is an evening of fan fiction readings of the worst kind. Attendees are invited to scour the Internet prior to the convention to locate the WORST examples of fan fiction available. After locating said fiction, print it out and bring it to the convention for a public reading.

The only rule is: You MUST read the story AS IT IS WRITTEN. What’s that?? You cannot recognize that collection of letters as a word?? Pronounce it anyway. A Sentence in your story has lasted for three paragraphs?? Take a breath, and keep on talking.

There will be an award for the Winning(?) story. Since we are a Doctor Who/ British Science Fiction Convention, stories should pertain to an appropriate series.

So there you have it… our Friday night plans. So get out there and find your muse…. or earplugs!!!

Timeslip Special 1

13 11 2008

Timelines is on hiatus this week, so today we bring you the broadcast that started the podcast. The “Tuddle Talk” radio show interviews Rob Shearman and a “special guest in studio, Jarrod Cooper, who is a Doctor Who fan”…

Recorded August 2008

Listen Now:

> Timeslip Special 1

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