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28 12 2008
Hurricane Party - Holiday Edition

Hurricane Party - Holiday Edition

Check out the pictures from last night’s event at Cricketer’s Arms!

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Challenge Accepted!!

2 12 2008

This past weekend I took a VERY last minute trip to Chicago to attend the Chicago TARDIS convention. As with all conventions I attend, it was an amazing time and a chance to spend time with friends both old and new. It was during one of these times that I met with new friend from New York.

During the course of this conversation, I mentioned our recent “Just a Minute” challenge to DWNY. Needless to say I was speaking to a representative of DWNY. And the Challenge has been accepted.

Time to Prepare.

I will discuss this more in the next issue of Timelines. I just need to quit playing in the snow and come back to Florida to record it.

Do Snow Angels Weep???

Do Snow Angels Weep???

There is also new guests to announce for Hurricane Who…. but that will have to wait.

Til Then,


Tis the Season!!

26 11 2008

The holidays are upon us!!

Fresh on the tails of our very successful party to celebrate the 45th Anniversary of Doctor Who, the time has come for us to celebrate the holidays in the way that only a Time Lord can.


On Saturday, December 27th, we will be back at Cricketers Arms for another evening of fun, friends, food, and of course WHO!!

On the plate for that night will be viewings of the various Christmas Specials.

But Be WARNED!!!! I have it on good authority that there might be a Cyber Invasion that night!!!!!!

Tuddle and I will also be on hand holding try outs for our “Just a Minute” team. With a standing challenge to DWNY, we need to get a good start.

Full Details will be on the site this weekend, but I thought I would give you a teaser of the holiday festivities to come.

Til Then,