Timeslip Special 1

13 11 2008

Timelines is on hiatus this week, so today we bring you the broadcast that started the podcast. The “Tuddle Talk” radio show interviews Rob Shearman and a “special guest in studio, Jarrod Cooper, who is a Doctor Who fan”…

Recorded August 2008

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> Timeslip Special 1

Show Links:

> Timeslip – Doctor Who Wiki
> Robert Shearman – Wikipedia
> “Dalek” by Robert Shearman – Wikipedia
> “Tiny Deaths” by Robert Shearman – Amazon.com
> Dan Harris and The 2009 Doctor Who Cruise


Timelines Season 1 Episode 3

23 10 2008

Jarrod and Tuddle announce the location for the November Hurricane Party….and a possible Holiday Party. We have listener mail! Plus more news and spoilers.

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> Timelines Season 1 Episode 3

Show Links:

> Cricketers Arms Pub, Orlando, FL

> Wikipedia: Russell T Davies