Bon Voyage Party Update

3 02 2009
Capt. Mike Yates

Capt. Mike Yates

As April approaches, we are pleased to announce a new guest for our April 12th Bon Voyage Party.

Richard Franklin, known to fans of the Classic Series as Capt. Mike Yates of UNIT, will be joining us for our night at Cricketers Arms.

As a Companion to the Third Doctor as played by Jon Pertwee, Franklin appeared alongside Elizabeth Sladen and Katy Manning for many adventures. Mike Yates returned to the screen for the anniversay stories The Five Doctors and Dimensions in Time.


April will see Franklin returning to the role yet again, with the release of The Magicians Oath, an original audio story released by Big Finish Productions.

Richard is joining previously announced Guest Frazer Hines, Jamie McCrimmon, who appeared alongside Patrick Troughton throughout his tenure as The Doctor.

We look forward to welcoming both of these gentlemen to Florida, for an insightful evening into the history of our favorite program.


Bon Voyage Party

8 01 2009

Greetings Everyone,

We are very excited to say that Registration is now open for our April Hurricane Party. This is event is shaping up to be our biggest and best yet!!

In conjuntion with the Sci Fi Sea Cruise, we are going to see them off in Style… in only the way that the Children of Time can!!!

A joint venture with the Sci-Fi Sea Cruise, we will be seeing them off in style!!

We are very excited to be welcoming our Guest to his first ever Hurricane Who event..

Frazer Hines

Frazer as Jamie McCrimmon in "The Two Doctors"

Frazer as Jamie McCrimmon in "The Two Doctors"


Frazer played Second Doctor Companion Jamie McCrimmon throughout most of the era and again in the twentieth anniversary special, “The Five Doctors” and alongside Colin Baker in “The Two Doctors.” We are very excited to be welcoming Frazer to Orlando!!

This evening will include all of the fun and excitement that you have come to expect from Hurricane Parties. There is also some very “Special” Programming slated for later in the evening as well.

Registration is $25 for the evening and is available here.

New for this event is the Sponsor Membership. This is an extra donation to the event which will get you a place in the program book.

If you are interested in advertising the the program book, please feel free to contact me at

More details are forthcoming, so keep checking back for updates.