A Gauntlet Is Thrown

25 10 2008

Greetings Everyone,

So yesterday, while on my way to visit with Janet at Cricketers Arms, I was listening to the Philips Phile on 104.1 WTKS. On this show, Tuddle calls in and gives a Daily NASCAR update. Towards the end of his segment, Jim Philips asked Tuddle if he was going to the Annual MonsterWeen Event dressed as Doctor Who. Tudds responded that he would not be going dressed as the good Doctor, as he was coming to the Hurricane Party in that guise. (So much for the surprise!!)

The following minutes were filled by various discussions on peoples favorite monsters were. Then Jim Philips told Tuddle that he had been “watching Doctor Who since before you were born!” Jim then proceeded to ask Tuddle: “How Long was the Rugby Scarf worn by the First Doctor who?”

If you are currently scratching your heads in confusion, don’t worry!! For what it is worth, “NewWho” fan Tuddle was as well.

"One Day, I Shall Come Back....."

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