Torchwood Series 3 Viewing Party

12 05 2009

Greetings Everyone,

In response to several inquiries that we have received about our forthcoming Torchwood events for Series Three, I wanted to let you all know the plans as they stand.

BBC1 has not yet announced a date for the airing of Torchwood: Children of Earth. This date needs to be confirmed before we can begin to plan any viewing parties for this Series. Rest assured that Hurricane Who will be having two events to mark this.

The First will be a viewing party for Series 3. The BBC has announced that it will air on five consecutive nights, Monday thru Friday. Our party will be taking place on the Saturday night after the series has aired. There are plans in place to try and make this a more relaxed event, but plans cannot be made firm until the schedule is announced.

Second we have our upcoming Inside the Hub 2 event. This will take place a week or so after the viewing party. We have been speaking to a few guests in regards to attending. But again, this is awaiting the air date of Series 3.

If you have any ideas for things that you would like to see in the future, or want to give some input into the organizing of these events, the entire Hurricane Who staff will be at Cricketers Arms for our Pub night on May 30th. We will be more than willing to listen to any ideas or feedback that you might have then.

I wish I had more in stone to tell you right now.. but we are in ‘wait and see’ mode. As soon as we hear something definite, we will let you know.


Jarrod Cooper

Chairman, Hurricane Who


Children of Time Meeting

10 03 2009

The Time has come for us to have a Children of Time Meeting for March. This will take place on Saturday, March 28th, at Cricketers Arms. There will be NO COVER for this meeting. This is just a night for us all to get together, have a drink, a bite, and a laugh as we watch some great TV on a REALLY big screen. While there is no cover, we do request that if you plan on attending that you RSVP. This way we can have a good estimate on attendance.

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That is entirely up to you. Take the poll below and tell us what you would like to see. Majority Rule. The choices include:

  • The Sarah Jane Adventures – Series Two Episodes
  • The Ruby and the Smoke – starring Billie Piper “Rose” and Matt Smith “Doctor 11”
  • Law and Order: UK – starring Freema Agyeman “Martha Jones” and Jamie Bamber “Battlestar Gallactica”
  • Moses Jones – starring Matt Smith “Doctor 11”
  • Torchwood – Series Two Episodes

Anyone else who has a better option of something to watch can e-mail me directly to see about having it added to the list.

I hope that if you are free that you will come out and visit with us while we prepare for next months Bon Voyage Party!!!

Timelines Season 1 Episode 6

20 11 2008

The Hurricane Party is this week! Jarrod is ready to pick-up Terrance Dicks at the airport.

A discussion regarding the possibility of Doctor Who filming in the states next year. Continuing speculation on the new Doctor.

Listen Now:

> Timelines Season 1 Episode 6

Show Links:

> Children in Need – Doctor Who – on YouTube

Jarrod Gets Creds in New Torchwood Book

27 10 2008

He may not brag, but I will on his behalf…

Our Convention Chair, Jarrod Cooper, is thanked for his contributions in the new book “The Torchwood Archives” by Gary Russell.  Available November 20, 2008. Check it out on or a store near you.

It must be awesome to see your name in print – congrats!


Janet your Hurricane Who Webmistress