Vogon Prose comes to Hurricane Who!!!

26 11 2008

Break out your Babelfish, because Vogon Prose is coming to Hurricane Who. Having been an area hit at Conventions, we are welcoming this exercise in Great Literature to our convention.

What IS Vogon Prose???

Vogon Prose is an evening of fan fiction readings of the worst kind. Attendees are invited to scour the Internet prior to the convention to locate the WORST examples of fan fiction available. After locating said fiction, print it out and bring it to the convention for a public reading.

The only rule is: You MUST read the story AS IT IS WRITTEN. What’s that?? You cannot recognize that collection of letters as a word?? Pronounce it anyway. A Sentence in your story has lasted for three paragraphs?? Take a breath, and keep on talking.

There will be an award for the Winning(?) story. Since we are a Doctor Who/ British Science Fiction Convention, stories should pertain to an appropriate series.

So there you have it… our Friday night plans. So get out there and find your muse…. or earplugs!!!